The Premier League squads played twilight matches vs KBH Brumbies at Elgar Park in the season opener. After what seemed like the longest pre-season for the senior section, 8 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams were ready to embark on the 2022 season.
In our alternate strip, the drizzle didn’t deter the women with a 13 goal haul. Men finished with 6 goal total in clearer weather.
PL won 4 – 2 (S Shaw, L Braithwaite, L Knobblet, N Vlassis)
RES drew 2 – 2 (A Le, B Cowcher)
PL won 6 – 1 (G Minett 2, R Villagra 2, G Hopkins, C Bond)
RES won 8 – 0 (G Cutrale, E Robinson, S Thompson, E Druce, T Brazil, E Taylor, E Harpour, H Moore)
Picture: Men’s Premier League Round 1