The City of Maribyrnong is undertaking a Master Plan of the Mcivor Reserve and is seeking comments from the local community and users of the reserve.
Footscray Hockey Club has already had the opportunity to undertake an initial consultation with the Council representatives regarding our vision and requirements to serve our Hockey community in the future, but now is the opportunity for all of our valued members to provide your comments.
Of particular interest, which we were not previously aware of, is a planning report regarding a MARIBYRNONG INDOOR SPORTS STADIUM STRATEGY. This report aims to provide a strategic approach to the provision of an indoor sports stadium for the municipality for the next 20+ years.
The provision of a 4 to 6 court Indoor stadium for the use by basketball, netball, volleyball and soccer is planned, with their local sporting organisations consulted.
FHC sees this as the opportune time to seize on the opportunity to construct any Indoor Sporting complex truly multipurpose to cater for Indoor Hockey needs. For approximately the past 20 years we have accessed local venues or venues afar with below standard Indoor Hockey court dimensions. We will be suggesting to Maribyrnong City Council that alloted floor space should also cater for the standard Indoor Hockey pitch of 44m x 22m (standard basketball court 30.5m x 15.25m).
We ask that you take the opportunity to complete the survey through the link provided, with the Footscray Hockey Clubs future interest in mind. The full planning report is also provided in the link.
Council are also holding 2 sessions where interested parties can meet with them at the BBQ near the playground/Baseball Pavillon, Thursday 26th May 4-7pm and Sunday 29th May 10-1pm. Please feel free to attend should you be able to make it.