The final ladders are in and FHC have 12 senior teams in finals, 6 women’s teams, 4 men’s teams and 2 masters teams. So close for 7 other teams finishing one spot out of finals. We have had a magnificent year overall.
Huge congratulations to the following 5 teams who took out the Minor Premiership finishing 1st on the ladder: Women’s Reserves, Men’s Pennant E, Women’s Pennant E Red, Men’s Metro 1 and Masters 50’s Men.
Bring on the finals series and play well! Hoping to see lots of red white and blue in support of all our finals teams.
Premier League – 3rd
Reserves – 9th
Pennant A – 7th
Pennant C – 2nd
Pennant D – 5th
Pennant E – 1st
Metro 1 – 1st
Metro 2 – 5th
Premier League – 3rd
Reserves – 1st
Pennant A – 3rd
Pennant B – 5th
Pennant D – 2nd
Pennant E Red – 1st
Pennant E Blue – 2nd
Metro 1 – 10th
35 A Women – 5th
35B Women – 5th
45 Women – 4th
45 Men – 8th (play Rd 18 tonight)
50’s Men – 1st
60’s Men – 5th
Photo: Men’s Masters 50’s Minor Premiers