In things we love to see, our 45s winning their semi final on Wednesday!
Swipe across for their teams winter fashion tips ❄️❄️
Here’s the team’s wrap up of the win:
* First we need to win our last game of the season as well as the team above us to lose to get in the finals ✅
* Then we need to drive 1hour from our home ground to play a game in the rain at 9.30pm ✅
* We need to beat a team we haven’t beaten all season to get in the Prelim final ✅
* We need to score on a penalty corner with less than a min to go to even the score to 1-1 ✅
* We need to score more goals than the opposition in a penalty shootout when we haven’t practiced shootouts ✅
* 1-2 win to us! ✅??
Well done team! Good luck next week in the prelim ???
Wishing all our teams the same result this weekend!