We are coming into week 2 of finals for our seniors and week 1 for our junior teams. So it is time for a reminder that as participants in our great sport we have an obligation to ensure we are:
– Respectful
– Acting appropriately
– Inclusive and welcoming
This includes language to players, umpires, coaches, team managers and spectators.
Let’s do that so we can enjoy our hockey like our U14 shield team (pictured)!
We play/watch/umpire/coach because we love this game and give up hours each week to participate. So lets make this week (and every week) a fun one!
FHC is a Good Sports Club and a Club with Heart. We are committed to creating a safe environment at all times and especially during our finals series.
If you see something, say something.
You can contact any board member if something occurs during a finals event. If you’re not sure who to talk to, you can report to general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au.
We are all responsible for making our environment safe and welcoming.
Enjoy the finals series and support all our teams getting out there this weekend!