Best wishes to FHC’s Men’s Masters Representatives for the 2022 Men’s Masters Championships in Gold Coast Sep 24 – Oct 8
Catch all the LIVE action of the 2022 Hockey Australia Men’s Masters Championships on LIVEHockey, the dedicated home for livestreaming hockey events.
O40 Div 1
Alex Grosz
Mark Wiseman
Thomas Hogan
O45 Div 1
Nigel Toussaint
Greg Robertson
O50Div 1
Geoff Peacock
O55 Div 1
Greg Hopkins
Phil Frost
Manager – Heather Shaw
O60 Div 2
David Fitzgerald
O65 Div 1
Geoff Lewis
Ian Sheppard
O65 Div 2
Ron Shadbolt
Neil Coster
David Sinclair