What a sensational Presentation Night with over 200 people in attendance in the main function room at Club Italia. A night of nights to celebrate a magnificent season bouncing back in strong membership numbers in the first full season since 2019. Celebrating 5 Premiership flags, milestone awards up to 700 games, best & fairest and runners up award recipients and club champions.

One of the most special moments of any presentation night in history was a very special 500th retirement award for Harry Zac who has overcome enormous barriers after a terrible road accident to reach 500 appearances on the field for the Bulldogs. A moving speech and a standing ovation from the room a club highlight. Harry continues to contribute to the club over and beyond and pledged to do so for as long as he possibly can.

A moving tribute was to those we have lost, life members Alby Speed, Brendan Sheehan, Leon Gale and longstanding club member snd supporter Karen Veitch, a significant list of much loved and cherished people who we will always remember.

Congrtulations to our Men’s Club Champion Kyle Gildea and Women’s Club Champion Rosie Villagra and all the award recipients.

Dancing the evening away and mingling, after a short and sharp presentations and club highlight videos, a great evening was had by all. Huge thanks to Giulia Wisemena for organising the evening, Rick Wiseman nd Romy Kenworthy for putting together the video highlights, Simon Borger for being our MC and all the other helpers.


100 Club Games Medallion
Amelie Keane, Elena Serovski, Geoff Pilley, Karen Hickey, Lester Lawless, Samuel O’Brien, Stephen Ferry, Suzanne Grosz, Sean Santoro, Everett Barrie, Laura Milford, Khanh Huynh, Alison Voss, Peter Moore, Kyle Gildea, Josh D’Arcy, Maz Stonehouse

200 Club Games Medallion
Adrian McAlinden, Aidan Sinclair, Ania Kosowski, Bradley Bugeja, Ewan Bezzobs, Kathryn Clark, Madeleine Bezzobs, Melanie Sanders, Rajesh Patel, Siobhan Hannon, Kean Weerasekera, Lisa Nicholson

300 Club Games Medallion
David Sanders, Jake Brady, Paul Duffy, Jennifer Hilton, Ally Sheehan, Paul Fitzgerald, Vanessa Smith, Holly Moore, Jo Torr, Hernie Isorena, Brianna McLaughlin, Russell Croser

400 Club Games Medallion
Carrol Burt, Oscar Allen, Phylicia Taylor, Lexie White, Ellen Druce, Carly James, Jeanne Beale, John Shearer

500 Club Games Medallion
Andrew Shand, Harry Zachariou, Hayley McAlinden, Scott Shaw

600 Club Games Medallion
Nicole Virtuoso, Wayne D’Souza, Tung Le, Graeme Veitch

700 Games Medallion
Rodney Johnstone


500th Retirement Game
Harry Zachariou


Men’s Masters 50’s B
Best & Fairest                   Damien Toussaint

Women’s Masters 35’s A
Best & Fairest                   Giulia Wiseman

Women’s Masters 35’s B
Best & Fairest                   Sabrina Kinlough


Premier League
Best and Fairest                Rosario Villagra
Runners Up B & F            Megan Alakus

Premier League Reserves
Best and Fairest                Caitlin Duggan
Runners Up B & F            Stephanie Thompson

Pennant A
Best and Fairest                Ania Kosowski
Runners Up B & F            Shirena Patel

Pennant B
Best and Fairest                Jess Sinclair
Runners Up B & F            Brianna McLaughlin

Pennant D
Best and Fairest                Hunnar Sandhu
Runners Up B & F            Elliott Thomson

Pennant E Red
Best and Fairest                Phylicia Taylor
Runners Up B & F            Patrice Moloney

Pennant E Blue
Best and Fairest                Katherine Wilson
Runners Up B & F             Giulia Wiseman

Metro 1
Best and Fairest                Alice Zhao
Runners Up B & F            Caroline McKean


Premier League
Best and Fairest                  Kyle Gildea
Runners Up B & F               Luke Noblett

Premier League Reserves
Best and Fairest                  Nick Vlassis
Runners Up B & F              David Lienert

Pennant A
Best and Fairest                   Alex Grosz
Runners Up B & F               Sebastian Dabner

Pennant C
Best and Fairest                   Aidan Sinclair
Runners Up B & F               Jez Gray

Pennant D
Best and Fairest                  Daniel Payne
Runners Up B & F              Brad Malcom

Pennant E
Best and Fairest                   Lachlan Mason
Runners Up B & F               Jesse Howell

Metro 1
Best and Fairest                  Chris Kelly
Runners Up B & F              Ben De Zoete

Metro 2
Best and Fairest                  Bill Burns
Runners Up B & F              Dom Brosnan