Our women’s section have so many incredible players but this week we’re celebrating 7 of our top on field performers!
Congratulations to the following players who were awarded FHC Player of the Match for their performance on the pitch this weekend:
WPL: Rosie Villagra
WPLR: Liv Moores
WPA: Ash Winter
WPB: Audrey Boyle
WPC: Kat Clarke
WPE: Sage Toussaint
WM1: Ruth Torr
Our Pennant D team will celebrate Women’s Round next weekend when they play at home at 12:30 on Saturday ????
Our players of the match were awarded by the umpires and we’re so pleased to see two juniors winning the award (Audrey and Sage)!
Well done to all our players on some great on field performances this weekend and congratulations to our winners!