As promoted late last year, we are excited to be a recipient of the Victorian Government’s West Gate Neighbourhood Fund Partnerships and the inaugural Active Community Grants.
We received just over $102,000, which will go towards new junior goalkeeper helmets, new tiered seating, and a new electronic scoreboard for ASF.
Prior to the next winter season, the junior helmets will be sourced to ensure that suitable sizes are provided to the respective individuals.
The new grandstands and tiered seating are on order and will be erected before the Stand Out Cup, hosted by FHC on Sunday, 25th February. We will welcome the 2 x 4-tiered grandstands, which will typically be stored at the southern end of ASF, and 4 x 3m, 3-tiered grandstands, which will typically be stored under the awning on the northern side of ASF (refer to images). These grandstands will not be secured to the ground, providing flexibility to be moved around our facility as best suited.
Final design details regarding the new scoreboard for ASF are being confirmed at this stage, which will provide a high-quality product with video viewing capabilities (think Camberwell and Doncaster HC as an example). Once finalised and approved, it is hoped to be up and running for the start of the 2024 season.