Everyone, meet Bentley. Bentley, meet everyone at Footscray HC!
For the next 12 months you may see Bentley around the club. Bentley is a Guide Dogs Victoria puppy who is being raised by the Sanders Family. He is learning to be a cool, calm and collected member of the assistance dog society. He is pretty much learning to notice and then ignore everything.
Whenever you see Bentley at the club, he will be on lead and at either Dave or Mel’s side. When Bentley is on lead, he’s working. We ask that if you are chatting to Dave or Mel, you do not engage with Bentley in any way, even though his big brown eyes will be begging you to.
Parents, please talk to your children about Bentley, explain that he is working, and not to pat, or ask to pat Bentley.
For the first few months you will likely see him standing away from big groups, just watching and acclimatising. Gradually you’ll see him integrate more into the Winter season.
We thank you for your understanding and consideration while Bentley is growing up around the club.