It was a tightly contested first ‘official’ Western Derby trophy for Round 1 at the Kennel with a huge crowd, glorious weather and plenty of food, snacks and drinks flowing out of the canteen. The trophy’s blue panel reflects the common royal blue colour in our uniforms. The final points were equal at 6 points each at day’s end after 2 wins and 2 losses each. The decider went down to goal difference in which Altona took out the trophy by a goal difference of 2.
PL 2 – 1 (J Lam, G Jones)
RES 4 – 0 (G Minett 2, J Colwell 2)
PL 0 – 4
RES 1 – 3 (L Darcy)
We look forward to the return match mid season at the snake pit.