Hello Members and Families,

A warm welcome to the 2022 year, after the season was cut short mid way through 2021 to lockdowns, to some it felt like a never ending 2 years of pre-season to finally embark on a full year of hockey in 2022. Thanks to the hard work of the 2020 and 2021 boards, we have come through the last 2 years of difficulties with enthusiasm, gusto and a solid financial position.

Compared to some other clubs, we are faring well with our member engagement and eagerness to get back on the pitch and play this season.

The next 12 months is vitally important as we focus on the following areas:

– Ensuring we meet Hockey Victoria’s new Premier League Entry Criteria;
– Supporting Junior pathways;
– Fostering inclusion;
– Having competitive teams at all levels; and
– Organisation of volunteers through the expansion of our sub-committees.

There are many opportunities for club members to help and volunteer for the club’s various sub committees, directors and jobs. For those already locked into positions – we thank you for your contributions. Watch out for the next opportunity for when you can put your hand up.

The Board continues to work hard on projects held up by the lockdowns of late 2021. Please see below updates about lighting, watering on ASF, the BSF Dug Out build and the scoreboard.

Take note of our Social Events Calendar below. These events keep everyone connected, provide a wonderful social atmosphere around the club and are good opportunities to hold a few fundraisers. The impromptu Round 2 Saturday evening chicken schnitzels and footy night was a huge success – Heather Shaw’s famous schnitzels would not go to waste culminating in a great social night to kick start the season.

If you have any questions about our club happenings, please don’t hesitate to contact our General Secretary Mel Morton at general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au she will direct your enquiry to the responsible Director.

Wishing you all a terrific 2022 season.

Nicole Virtuoso



It’s been almost 2 months since the newly elected board of the 2022 season commenced their tenures and much has transpired in such a short amount of time. Congratulations to Andrew Boyle, who has taken up the vacant Grounds Director position and Nicole Virtuoso and Rodney Johnstone, who were elected as President and Vice President respectively.

We thank Neil Coster for his time as Grounds Director, his service culminating in over 40 years service on the board. He’ll continue to play Masters 60’s, support FHC and work on the Victorian and Australian Masters Committees.

The board consists of a dynamic mix of experienced and new board members, all with a subset of skills that will keep the club running over the next year.

Please reach out to any of our board members and of course, offers of support and help are most welcomed.

Secretary: Mel Morton
Treasurer: Nick Gill
Planning & Performance: Greg Hopkins
Grounds: Andrew Boyle
Retail: Karen Johnstone
Sponsorship: Rodney Johnstone
Men: Simon Borger
Women: Nicole Virtuoso
Masters: Damien Toussaint
Juniors: Mel Sanders


At the 2021 AGM, the members approved a new constitution. The new constitution was worked on by Mel Morton with the advice of Nicholas O’Donohue & Co. The upgraded constitution will allow the club to run more effectively and meet our legal obligations.

It’s available on the “about” page on our website, here


The board is working on reviewing and updating (if required) all of our current policies.

We have adopted the Hockey Australia Concussion Policy and have uploaded this policy and the accompanying toolkits to our website. We encourage all of our members to familiarise themselves with this policy. It is important that we treat concussions carefully and with caution to ensure that all of our members are safe and healthy!

All other policy updates will be uploaded to the FHC website and communicated to members in the next Banter.



The power upgrade of the McIvor Reserve is soon to be completed after extensive work with Maribyrnong council, Jemena and the power companies. It has not been without the recent drama of a power outage on a Thursday training evening, throwing FHC, Yarraville Glory Soccer Club and Yarraville Seddon Eagles Footy Club into a lighting timetable again until the final commission of the new capacity board.

We can not wait to share with the hockey community when power capacity is no longer a concern at McIvor.




The 20 year old watering system has seen better days, there have been pump, programming and cannon coffin issues that have hindered the ability to water the pitch for the past 2 seasons. During lockdowns of 2021, we hit a standstill with Thinkwater, the company who installed the system.  However this has ramped up in recent weeks, with 2 days of work and assessments.

Council and FHC will soon receive a report that hopefully provides some good news on the rectification plan to have the issues resolved.




Council have just appointed a contractor for the F2 dugout construction after a tender period.

FHC met with the new contractors this week and were advised that construction will most likely start in 4 weeks (pending prompt arrival of materials). It will take approximately 4 weeks to construct. The contractors and council are expecting the project to be completed before the end of June, if not a little sooner. The new dugouts will consist of 4 player dugouts (2 each for home and away teams), a tech bench & tech bench storeroom, a larger storeroom, scoreboard, water bubblers, and all the trimmings of a modern dugout facility.

This project will see the completion of the $1.7 million resurface of the Brendan Sheehan Field.




Soon Maribyrnong Council will release the McIvor Reserve Masterplan for community consultation. This is a perfect opportunity to provide feedback from local residents.

FHC will also have a chance to provide feedback.

There are a few exciting projects in the Masters plan that will greatly benefit our club and members.



Maribyrnong Council and FHC have identified a number of areas in the club’s car park, bollards and gutters that have been damaged by the West Gate Tunnel works.

A rectification plan has commenced and Council will work with the WGTP to repair the car park.

We look forward to the rectification works.



The scoreboard is due for a service so it will be up and running soon.

The dust from the West Gate Tunnel Works have effected the perspex screen so this will need to be replaced.

We hope the scoreboard will  be up and running once the replacement screen has been installed.



FHC have applied for several grants already this year, they include Vic Gov Change Our Game Community Activation Grant and the Australia Post – ‘People of Post Grant’, focussing on Equality, Inclusivity, and Accessibility Projects.

We have recently been awarded with a grant of $2000 from Sporting Club Grants Program – Skill Development which will be used to deliver Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for Club Leadership.

We have an enthusiastic Grants sub-committee, led by Greg Hopkins, but if you have strengths in this area, and are keen to get involved, please contact planning@footscrayhockey.com.au



If you are ever out at Hardimans Hotel 521 Macaulay Rd, Kensington, please book or pay under the number of ‘36’ for Footscray Hockey Club so the club receives sponsorship benefits.

Hardimans are a platinum sponsor, so they receive the knowledge that FHC are supporting thier business a nd in turn will continue to support us.



Our Facebook, Website and Instagram pages are run by a keen group of volunteers who keep our social media stories. Key section directors along with Rod Fuentes, Romani Kenworthy, Ric Wiseman, Carly James, Georgia Hopkins & Georgia Cutrale keep our social media content going. Thank you to this crew.

If you are keen to get involved please contact general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au


Sam Cutrale is representing our Zone as an Umpire Developer and he will be working with participants on a range of umpire topics across 2022.
Sam also coordinates our Men’s and Mastesr umpire rosters, where HV do not roster umpires.


All volunteers, coaches, directors, coordinators, team managers and anyone who works directly with children, must have a working with children’s check. If you are a teacher, you will need to provide your VIT number for our records.

Jess Pratt is our WWCC coordinator who will collect the details required for the club register and assist those who need to apply.

Please reach out if you need to submit your WWCC number jesss.prattt@gmail.com


A friendly reminder that dogs are not permitted inside the FHC gates, unless they are a service dog.

The Board have considered whether dogs should be permitted inside the gates for a trial, but to respect our family-friendly environment, crowds on busy home rounds, safety issues, feedback from the members and cleanliness concerns, we have decided to keep our spectator area dog free. Additional signs have been erected at the entrance gate, so please feel free to politely ask visitors to remove their dogs if they are brought inside the venue.



We have installed a new PA system at FHC – installed by Simon Stavenuter Audio Production. The new system includes a zone mixer for use inside and outside of the club and for audio on both fields which will be ideal for club functions as well as tournament and other larger events.

It also includes a wireless microphone, dual docking recharging station and wall mount rack cabinet. We look forward to using this system as a club and also during the major functions and tournaments we host.



We are trying to get our hands on some wheelie bin storage units, Maribyrnong Council don’t have any lying around.

If you have contacts or know where we can acquire some (preferably 6 double units) please contact Andrew Boyle grounds@footscrayhockey.com.au



FHC is looking for a volunteer who may have some time to scan our photos on the clubroom walls from the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s.

These will compliment our digital scans from the 1930’s – 1970’s and will be able to be added to our website.

Please contact Greg planning@footscrayhockey.com.au



It was terrific to host Stand Out Cup this season to kick start the 2022 inclusion initiatives. Over 30 teams poured into FHC and a fabulous day with games, activities, face painting, challenges, prizes and a large group photo on the day. Our very own Babal Grewal was awarded the Spirit of the Day award for her outstanding enthusiasm and spirit on the day!

FHC was excited to be the host of it’s first Stand Out Cup, an event we would be pleased to host again in the future.


This year, the 10th Hockey Victoria Women’s & Girls Breakfast, holds special significance as FHC’s General Secretary Mel Morton is one of the guest panellists at the event. It will be held at 7:30am-9:30am (networking opportunity 7:00am-7:30am), Thursday 5th of May at Leonda By The Yarra; 2 Wallen Rd, Hawthorn, the cost is $70 to attend.

Mel Morton’s work around inclusion for FHC has been highly recognised by Hockey Victoria. The annual breakfast is a great way to network with other female players, administrators, coaches and leaders in the hockey community.

If you’d like to book a spot at the FHC table, please contact general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au


FHC has been offered an exciting opportunity to partner with Scope, Hockey Victoria ad Altona Hockey Club to deliver an Access All Abilities Hockey Program for those with a disability.

Scope and Hockey Victoria have been awarded $97,480 to develop an inclusive hockey program suitable for people with multiple and complex disabilities. This pilot program will remedy concerning survey data collected from people with disability in 2020 which identified more than half of respondents (53 per cent) did not participate in any organised sport, despite wanting to.

The biggest detractor from inclusion and participation was found to be the lack of accessible sports and activities available for people with disabilities.

FHC’s Tahlya Sleep (pictured), Georgia Cutrale and Mel Morton will be coordinating the project on behalf of the club. 

inclusion ad



FHC is one of the only clubs to have an inclusion sub-committee and we are really proud of the work we are doing in this space!

We are still wanting to fill a couple of the roles so if you would like to be involved please contact Mel Morton at general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au.

Wellbeing: Renee Boyle
All Abilities: Georgia Cutrale & Tahlya Sleep
Cultural Diversity: Vacant
First Nations:
Womens: Mel Morton

If you know anyone you think would be good in these roles please get in touch – all members and family members of our players are welcome to be involved!



Get your social on in 2022~! With a terrific calendar of events and inclusion round events throughout the year.

If there are any other volunteers who would like to jump on board and assist the organising committees of each of the events, please reach out to Rodney Johnstone sponsorship@footscrayhockey.com.au

Live Stream Round @ Camberwell HC: Round 4 1st May (Nicole Virtuoso & Simon Borger)
Women’s Round: Round 5 7th & 8th May (Jess Pratt & Carrol Burt)
Men’s Health Round: Round 10 18th & 19th June (Daniel Cox & Phil McAlinden)
Drag Bingo: Round 10 18th June (Georgia Hopkins & Georgia Cutrale)
NAIDOC Round: Round 12 9th July (Mel Morton & Mel Sanders & Gabby Minnett)
Live Stream @ FHC vs Waverley: Round 12 9th July (Nicole Virtuoso & Simon Borger)
Pride Round: Round 15
30th & 31st July (Julie Anne Sheehan & Simon Borger)
Sponsors Day: Round 16 6th August (Rodney Johnstone & Karen Johnstone)
Dress Up IPOD Shuffle Night: Round 17 14th August Round (Liam Braithwaite, Daniel Cox, Kean Weeresekera)

Junior Disco – TBC (Georgia Hopkins & Georgia Cutrale)

If you’d like to get involved other fundriasing events please contact  sponsorship@footscrayhockey.com.au 



FHC will host 5 major tournaments this year, The Stand Out Cup and Police Games already have been held

14th – 15th May: Junior Country Championships
11th –  13th Jun: Men’s Country Championships
30th Jun – 3rd Jul: Junior State Championships

During these tournaments, we will need the canteen volunteer support of our membership. Please consider signing up during these tournament times and if you can offer an extra set of hands, these are the times where it is needed. Thanks in anticipation.



We hosted a 2021 Sponsor’s Day on Round 2, our first home round of the season, to recognise the contributions of our sponsors from last season that was cut short due to lockdowns. The day was well supported and we can’t wait to host the 2022 Sponsor’s Day later in the year on Saturday 6th August.

The club sponsorship program kicked off this year with several of our past spoonsors re committing to the 2022 season as a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Product Sponsor.

The Men and Women have secured a number of Premier League sponsors this year so far, sponsorship is only $275. We still have several players who are seeking sponsorships.

If your business or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring the club or a Premier League Player please contact RJ sponsorship@footscrayhockey.com.au


FHC has partnered with iSponsor – a FREE app that revolutionises fundraising by turning your everyday spending into fundraising dollars. It’s fundraising made simple and easy!
Download the app and set up your account today! www.isponsorapp.com/download
If you have any questions about the app, please get in touch with our sponsorship director at sponsorship@footscrayhockey.com.au



Platinum Sponsor
Hardimans Hotel

Platinum Sponsor
QUBE Logistics

Gold Sponsor
Compton Green

Silver Sponsor
Big 5 Fitness

Product Sponsor
Wiseman Sports

Product Sponsor
Zero Sports Beer

Product Sponsor
Just Hockey

Product Sponsor
Topline Embriodery




Are you a parent wanting to keep occupied while their child trains or a young adult looking to get some work experience around their school & training commitments? 

We are looking for some wonderful new volunteers for our hockey HQ to assist in running HQ Mondays – Thursdays between 5:30pm to 7pm. You will learn how to use a POS, stock control etc. If required a reference will be provided to any volunteer when they are seeking part time work.

If you are interested or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Johnstone – Retail Director retail@footscrayhockey.com.au


HQ is open when volunteers are available to cover the following times Monday to Thursday 5.30pm to 7pm.  Fridays & Weekends are based on availability.


Sally is continnuing the role as our canteen manager this season.

If you need to enter the canteen, and are not a rostered volunteer, please first say hello to Sally, Karen or the canteen volunteers and ask to enter. We need to be mindful of our food safety obligations so to ensure the safety of everyone, please ask to enter.

The Stand Out Cup was held at Footscray recently and we thank all of the volunteers for their help and support in the canteen and HQ as well as around the facility generally, during that tournament.  We look forward to the Mens Country Champs over the Queens birthday weekend,

These events are a great supplement to the Clubs overall revenue and help keep our membership fees at reasonable levels.


Thanks to those who have used SignUp to select a time for their canteen duty, it is greatly appreciated. Every member (or parents of members) is expected to do a duty throughout the year. The only exception is those who pay the opt out fee of $100 or those already in committed club roles such as coaches, team managers etc.

For those that are yet to do so, we will begin the process of allocating slots to those who are yet to SignUp for their or their child’s required duty. Check at SignUp for available days and times.



FHC is offering by order, the grey hoodies with large or small logo, black ghanda tracksuit pants, softshell jackets and cyclone supporter jackets this year.

Orders are due by 9pm Sunday 8th May via our online order form: FHC Off Field Uniform Order Link 2022

Sizing Chart: FHC Off Field Uniform Sizing Chart 2022

You can order up to 4 of each item per form. A deposit must be paid at the end of the order for for it be processed. Option to pay the full amount at bottom of form. Please note there is a 1.75% +.30c surcharge has been included in the price. Full payment is required before pick up.

Some sample sizes are available at Hockey HQ.




FHC will see some significant milestone games reached during this season. The games listed is how many games for that person to reach that milestone this season. We’ve already seen Andrew Shand reach his 500th at Round 2 this season.

1100 – 21 games Neil Coster

700 – 12 games Rodney Johnstone

600 – 6 games Wayne D’Souza, 14 games Nicole Virtuoso

500 – 4 games Harry Zac

400 – 10 games Oscar Allen, 15 games Phylicia Taylor, 17 games Lexie White

If you’d like to check out what tally you are on – head to the FHC website

Game Tallies – End of 2021 – Alphabetical Order

Game Tallies – End of 2021 – All Time Highest

Please contact president@footscrayhockey.com.au if you have any queries.


The Men’s section has been traveling well, with the addition of an 8th team this season. We are still working on getting as many past members back to playing hockey again after the 2 years of lock downs. If you are keen to pick up a stick again, please reach out as there are plenty of spots to grab a game.

We welcomed Daniel Mitchell (Mitty) to the helm as Premier League Coach, supported by Hernie Isorena Reserves, Tom Hogan Pennant A, Adrian Randall Pennant D, Johnny Shearer Pennant E, Tung Le Metro 1 and Alex Fensome Metro 2. Thanks to Chris Provis-Vincent for taking the Pennant C boys throughout preseason and to start the season, we are currently looking for a Pennant C coach or player who is happy to step up on game days to coach this group, please contact mens@footscrayhockey.com.au

Thank you to Heather Shaw who is ripping it up in the canteen on a Thursday with chicken schnitzels and to all the boys supporting this.

A few people to thank; Ric Wiseman, Sam Cutrale, Nick Gill and Daniel Cox.

Looking forward to a solid year in the Men’s section with some pleasing results so far and great potential.



The Women’s section is fielding 8 teams this season and have welcomed many new and returning members. The pre-season commenced in January and a full practice match schedule The introduction of once a month Tue night meals was a huge hit with over 45 ladies enjoying a bite to eat thanks to Angela Thompson.

Promising results over the first two rounds and our coaching structure all locked in for the year of PL Alex Shirly, RES Phil Frost, PA David Gorton, PB Tahlya Sleep, PD Helen Morton & Assistant Jim Morton, PE Red Karen Johnstone, PE Blue Jo Torr & Metro 1 Tania Bezzobs. The new re-structure of PE into North-West regions has reduced travel and we are able to field competitive teams.

We have a very healthy fill in list, if you’d like to be a part of the women’s section contact womens@footscrayhockey.com.au

A few key people to thank; Lynda Thomas, Angela Thompson, Karen Johnstone, Andrew Wiseman and all the coaches, team managers and helpers.

Look out 2022, this year is going to be a solid foundation for many years to come.


The junior section is as busy as ever, commencing the year with the delivery of hockey clinics to 12 local primary schools reaching over 2500 students. That in turn saw the largest turnout to the 4 week Come and Try program back at FHC that kicked off in Feb.

Preseason for the junior section has been well attended and we are fielding 11 Hockey Victoria Teams, plus our regular U6 and U8 program. It has been most pleasing to reignite the U10 Super League competition that FHC run on a Saturday morning at 11am as it had deteriorated due to COVID last year.

I’d like to sincerely thank all the coaches and team managers supporting our teams. U18 Mixed Issac Grimes, U16 A Shield Boys Les McAlinden, U16 A Shield Girls Georgia Hopkins, U14 A Shield Boys Nigel Toussaint, U14 A Shield Girls Mel Sanders, U14 District Mixed Simon Whittaker, U12 A Shield Boys Mitch Braiden & Kean Weeresekera, U12 A Shield Girls Damien Toussasint, U12 Boys Pennant Ryan O’Donnovan,  U10 A Boys James Gilchrist & Cindy Blay, U10 A Girls Alex Grosz. Thank you to all the additional administration helpers for the junior section.

Our U6 program is headed up by Julie-Anne Sheehan, U8 head coach is still  being confirmed and we are currently looking to secure head coach and team coaches for the U10 SuperLeague Program.

Where do we need more help? Those members and friends interested in helping out coaching on a Wednesday night @ FHC for U6, U8 or U10.

In particular calling on more U6, U8 and U10 SuperLeague parents to put their hand up to come out on the pitch to assist the head coaches. No previous experience required, learn as you go with the kids, help manage a small group through drills, skills and small game.

Practice matches are locked in for our shield teams and currently working on securing practice matches for our Pennant and District teams. Round 1 is on Fri 6th & Sat 7th May and we can’t wait to kick start a full season of junior hockey.



What a pleasure it is to be playing again and enjoying the game and the camaraderie that we missed so much during 2021!

We are really pleased to have netered a 6th Masters team in the Womens 35 B competition.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Masters’ teams progress to date – some good results recently – of note our 60s Men’s side are on top after 2 rounds!

Men’s 60 – 1st
Men’s 50 B – 2nd
Men’s 45 C – 9th
Women’s 35 A – 7th
Women’s 35 B – 3rd
Women’s 45 – 7th



Congratulations to the 9 FHC athletes who represented Victoria in the U15 and U18 National Championships recently in Newcastle and Cairns.


U18 Men: Sam O’Brien
U15 Boys: Angus Le, Seb Dabner, Lach Toussaint
U15 Boys Dev: Jye Walters, Ashton Schram
U15 Girls Dev: Jaime Lam, Renae Mcalinden, Zoe Brown
Full Results
U18 Men’s – Vic 4th, Dev 12th
U18 Women’s – Vic 7th, Dev 8th
U15 Boy’s – Vic 6th, Dev 12th
U15 Girl’s – Vic 5th, Dev 11th


Massive congratulations to Carly for her selection into the National Women’s Development Squad for 2022.
Carly will continue to train in Melbourne for the NDS under the guidance of the national program coaches.
All the best Carly with your endevours, you make us so proud.



After the cancellation of all tournaments in 2021, it was great for FHC’s Greg Hopkins, Sam Cutrale (umpire), Phil Frost, Alex Grosz, Fred Johnston, Neville Hopkins, Neil Coster, and 60’s Coach John Munro to head to Sydney earlier in the year for an Australian Masters Invitational Tournament, five games over three days.
The Victorian 55’s team consisting of Greg Hopkins and Phil Frost had four wins.

The 34’s team consisting of Alex Grosz and Fred Johnston had two wins, two losses, and a draw.

The 70’s team consisting of Neville Hopkins, Neil Coster, and coach, John Munro, won two, lost two, and had a game canceled mid-match due to a serious injury


A massive 45 athletes from FHC have been selected over 6 teams to participate in the 2022 Grassports Junior State Championships from 30th June – 3rd July under the Western Wildcats banner.
U13 Boys: Archie Harper, Archie Toussaint, CJ Wickson, Charlie Hill, Julius Grosz, Michael Aguilera (GK), Raf Dabner
U13 Girls: Alison Feely, Audrey Boyle, Emmy Wynn, Freya Hudson, Hannah Mannix, Lola Probert (GK), Renee Brown, Ruby Gorton, Sage Toussaint
U15 Boys: Angus Le, Ashton Schram, Caleb Fowler, Charlie Keating, Ethan Arkinstall, Jye Walters, Lachlan Toussaint, Ned Graham, Oscar Tilders, Seb Dabner, William Buckland
U15 Girls: Chiara Virtuoso, Erika Digney, Evelyn Boyle, Hunnar Sandhu, Jaime Lam, Nikita Dhar, Renae McAlinden, Zoe Brown
U18 Boys: Daniel Lienert, David Lienert, Oskar Hayes
U18 Girls: Elena Serovski, Isabelle Butler, Maddison Price, Madeleine Bezzobs, Sienna Virtuoso, Zoe Taylor, Elliott Thomson (GK)
FHC also congratulate Jack Tamblyn from our U14 Boys who has gained selection to the U13 North West Lightening team!
JSC will be held at FHC and the State Hockey Centre Thursday 30th June – Sunday 3rd July, 2022- so make sure to get down and check it out!

Thank you

A huge thank you to all of the board directors who helped to get this Bulldog Banter finalised.

Do you want to be the new Bulldog Banter Editor?

We would love to hear form anyone who would like to take on the role as Bulldog Banter Editor for 2022 (and ongoing if you’d like). Basic wordpress skills would be handy, however we have the ability to train a person to use wordpress and then support them with the creation of the Banter.

If you are interested, please email Mel Morton, general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au

Do you have any article suggestions?

We would love to hear from you. Please send through any suggestions to Mel Morton, general.secretary@footscrayhockey.com.au with the subject line “Bulldog Banter Article”