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    That’s a wrap for our Winter Season! The junior section successfuly held 4 Presentation functions for the various age groups and last weekend it was our night of nights at the Senior Presentation function. The functions were enjoyed by all who attended. Congratulations to all the award winners and recipients for year 2017.

    On behalf of every mmeber of our club our sincere thanks to the following for your contributions!

    To all the members and families who have supported the Footscray Hockey Club Board and to those who were on committees and completed jobs for our club, thank you. We have over 350 jobs that require volunteers to keep our operations running smoothly and we can not thank enough all of the people listed on our 2017 Organisational Chart. See link below.

    Organisational Structure Chart FHC 2017

    Thank you to the Footscray Hockey Club Board who works tirelessly running each section and facet of our operations. Men’s Director: Darryl Jahnke, Women’s Director Nicole Virtuoso, Junior Director David Braiden, Masters Director Damien Toussaint, Treasurer Cindy Poole, Secretary John Mason, Planning & Performance Brendan Sheehan, Grounds Colin Braithwaite, Retail Operations Karen Johnstone, Sponsorship Rodney Johnstone.

    Thank you to the coaches, team managers, captains, physios, coordinators, leadership groups, photographers, videographers, players reps, bib washers, ball boys and girls and everyone involved in keeping our onfield presence so professional.

    Thank you to our volunteers who have completed umpiring, canteen duty, Hockey HQ shifts and odd jobs.

    Thank you to Howard Nicklas for canteen managing and Darlene Sargent our cleaner for the year.

    Thank you to our General Secretaries, Lauren Dick and then mid year John Mason.

    Thank you to all of our club sponsors, the year would not have been possible without your support, donations and contributions.

    Thank you to all of our Premier League Squad Sponsors and to the players who sought those sponsorships.

    Thank you to our life members, parents, families and fields who have supported FHC this season.

    I hope you view our other Banter articles highlighting all the 2017 award recipients and congratulations to you all.

    Best wishes and I hope you are either enjoying summer hockey or enjoying your break! See you all at the AGM in December (date TBC) and next season.


    Rodney Johnstone



    Special Recognition – Naming of F2 Ground and Hockey Victoria Life Membership: Brendan Sheehan

    Special Recognition – Naming of F1 Ground and Hockey Victoria Award of Merrit: Alby Speed

    Life Membership Regognition: Darryl Jahnke

    Men’s Club Champion: Sam McIntosh

    Women’s Club Champion: Olivia Colasurdo


    100 Club Games Medallion Amy Bryne, Lisa Nicholson, Kat Clarke, Brendan Evans, Laura Anderson, Andre Hillas, Tom Henderson, Rebecca Humphries, Will Crosbie, Damien Christensen

    200 Club Games Medallion Jo Torr, Nick Gill, Sean Peacock, Gwen Lynch, Tania Bezzobs, Rodrigo Fuentes, Dylan Peacock, Pat McLaughlin, Vanessa Smith

    300 Club Games Medallion Alex Grosz, Liam Braithwaite, Monica Singh, Robert Moore

    400 Club Games Medallion Georgia Hopkins, Daniel Rihs, Geoff Peacock

    500 Club Games Medallion Neville Hopkins

    800 Club Games Medallion Gary Marshall


    Premier League        
    Best and Fairest                  Sam McIntosh
    Runners Up B & F              Kyle Gildea

    Premier League Reserves
    Best and Fairest                 Ben Cowcher
    Runners Up B & F             Stefano Tocco

    Pennant A
    Best and Fairest                  Peter Griffin
    Runners Up B & F              Mark Wiseman

    Pennant C
    Best and Fairest                  Sam Leeder
    Runners Up B & F              Dylan Peacock

    Pennant D
    Best and Fairest                 Danny Colasurdo
    Runners Up B & F             Damien Toussaint

    Pennant F
    Best and Fairest                  Simon Hoare
    Runners Up B & F              Joshua Bradfield

    Metro A
    Best and Fairest                 Matthew Vance
    Runners Up B & F             Ben de Zoete

    Metro B
    Best and Fairest                 Matthew Johnstone
    Runners Up B & F             Ben Wood


    Premier League
    Best and Fairest               Olivia Colasurdo
    Runners Up B & F           Lily Brazel

    Premier League Reserves
    Best and Fairest               Alannah Hibbard
    Runners Up B & F           Emily Dienhoff

    Pennant A
    Best and Fairest                Taniciah Isorena
    Runners Up B & F            Ania Kosowski

    Pennant B
    Best and Fairest                Eliza Gill
    Runners Up B & F            Maddelyn Kennedy

    Pennant D
    Best and Fairest                Lexie White
    Runners Up B & F            Jaimee Skilton

    Pennant E
    Best and Fairest                Melanie Woods
    Runners Up B & F            Deirdre Ruane

    Metro B
    Best and Fairest                Maddy Hanns
    Runners Up B & F            Fleur Hammet


    Men’s Masters 50’s A
    Best & Fairest                   Greg Hopkins

    Men’s Masters 50’s B
    Best & Fairest                   Peter Zammit

    Women’s Masters 35’s A  
    Best & Fairest                   Jaimee Skilton

  • Congratulations to the following juniors who received awards:

    Junior Male Club Champion   Ben Rose
    Junior Female Club Champion   Georgia Nelson
    Junior Male Clubperson of the Year   Josh Bradfield
    Junior Female Clubperson of the Year   Alannah Hibbard
    Most Promising Junior Umpire   Ania Kosowski

    100 Games Milestone
    Ewan Bezzobs, Madeleine Bezzobs, Joshua Bradfield, Sol Campbell, Bridgette de la Mere, Mia Erbsland, Adrian McAlinden, Tri Nguyen, Jade Robertson

    200 Games Milestone
    Tate Brazil, Sam Grimes, Claire Hind, Georgia Nelson

    300 Games Milestone
    Rebecca James

    Under 18 North West Best & Fairest  Sam Grimes
    Under 18 North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Rebecca James
    Under 18 North West Coaches Award  Nick Richmond

    Under 16 A Shield NW Best & Fairest  Ben Rose
    Under 16 A Shield NW Runner Up Best & Fairest  Alannah Hibbard
    Under 16 A Shield NW Coaches Award  Lachlan D’Arcy

    Under 16 Girls A Shield Best & Fairest  Georgia Nelson
    Under 16 Girls A Shield Runner Up Best & Fairest  Claire Hind
    Under 16 Girls A Shield Coaches Award  Helayna Braiden

    Under 16 North West Best & Fairest  Christopher Heslop
    Under 16 North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Jakob Winter
    Under 16 North West Coaches Award  Oliver O’Brien

    Under 14 A Shield Best & Fairest  Sam Komp
    Under 14 A Shield Runner Up Best & Fairest  Samuel O’Brien
    Under 14 A Shield Coaches Award  Charlotte Whiteside

    Under 14 Girls A Shield Best & Fairest  Bridgette de la Mere
    Under 14 Girls A Shield Runner Up Best & Fairest  Jaimee Colwell
    Under 14 Girls A Shield Coaches Award  Laura Milford

    Under 14 North West Best & Fairest  Lucas Van Merkestein
    Under 14 North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Federico Ponce de Leon
    Under 14 North West Coaches Award  Stefan Kemp-Mykyta

    Under 12 A Shield NW Best & Fairest  Madeleine Bezzobs
    Under 12 A Shield NW Runner Up Best & Fairest  Daniel Hudson
    Under 12 A Shield NW Coaches Award  David Lienert

    Under 12 Pennant North West Best & Fairest  Elena Serovski
    Under 12 Pennant North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Caleb Fowler
    Under 12 Pennant North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Lulu Lamont
    Under 12 Pennant North West Coaches Award  Felix Marsh

    Under 12 Girls Pennant NW Best & Fairest  Georgia Kikidis
    Under 12 Girls Pennant NW Runner Up Best & Fairest  Eleni Kikidis
    Under 12 Girls Pennant NW Coaches Award  Lucy English

    Under 12 District North West Best & Fairest  Lucas Kohut
    Under 12 District North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Ethan Reid
    Under 12 District North West Runner Up Best & Fairest  Callan Lester-Hocking
    Under 12 District North West Coaches Award  Aaron Sinclair

  • Members would be aware that our Club has just completed it’s 83rd playing season, a period of time in which our men’s division have played the full 83 seasons, our junior section 80 seasons, our
    women’s division 72 seasons, and our Masters 19 seasons. Through the first decade or two of our existence our total team numbers were low (especially through the war years), but of course over
    the last decade and a half we have become a behemoth of hockey membership by Australian standards.

    Over the 83 years FHC have contested 291 grand finals, and the success rates for our various divisions are:

    Grand Final Appearances 1934 – 2017

    Well done to U10 Girls North West, U16 Girls A Shield, Men’s Metro A and Men’s O45’s Masters C who make up our 5 Premiers in 2017.

    Pictured Men’s O45 Masters C team who defeated Camberwell in the grand final. A little piece of history to those men.

  • Members may be aware that at the recent Hockey Victoria Annual Awards and Dinner, FHC Life Member Brendan Sheehan was announced as Hockey Victoria’s newest Life Member. Brendan is
    only the third FHC member to ever achieve Life Membership with Hockey Victoria (HV), the others being Kathleen Bell, who we think received this honour back in the late 1930’s or 1940’s, and
    Christine Henderson (2016).

    Little is known about Kathleen Bell’s work for HV, other than that she played for the Victorian senior women’s team in 1939. Christine Henderson performed a lot of honorary work for HV, particularly under-taking tournament director and tech bench services at various carnivals and events. Brendan performed honorary work on various HV sub-committees (Grading, West District, Metropolitan Council) over a 25 year period mainly prior to the turn of century, and he was a strong activist for non-PL clubs for a long period of time. Refer to the attached summary of Brendan’s contribution to Victorian hockey.

    Pictured: Brendan Sheehan and Hockey Victoria Board Chairman Rob Dalton

    The two-tiered structure of HV’s ‘Recognition and Awards Structure is:

    Life Membership (FHC Members listed):
    Kathleen Bell
    Christine Henderson (2016)
    Brendan Sheehan (2017)

    Award of Merit (FHC Members listed):
    Bob Blackbell (1985)
    Alby Speed (1990)

february, 2018

03feb(feb 3)12:00 am(feb 3)12:00 am9 Weeks Until Round 19 Game 112:00 am - 11:59 pm

04feb(feb 4)9:00 am(feb 4)9:00 amKen Parkin Clinic U10 - U16 #19:00 am - 11:00 am

10feb(feb 10)12:00 am(feb 10)12:00 am8 Weeks Until Round 19 Game 112:00 am - 11:59 pm

11feb(feb 11)9:00 am(feb 11)9:00 amKen Parkin Clinic U10 - U16 #29:00 am - 11:00 am

14feb(feb 14)5:15 pm(feb 14)5:15 pmCome n Try #1 of #4NEW members 4 - 12yrs5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

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