State League One

Opposition:  Mentone

Result:  4-4


Pennant B

Opposition: Mentone

Result: 2-3


Pennant E

Opposition: Hawthorn

Result: 18-2


Metro 1

Opposition: Melbourne Uni

Result: 3-1


Metro 2 North

Opposition:  Essendon

Result: 4-2


Metro 2 West

Opposition: Melton

Result: 4-4


Metro 4 Red

Opposition: St Bernards

Result: 6-0


Metro 4 White

Opposition:  Greensborough

Result:  2-3


Metro 4 Blue

Opposition: Werribee

Result: 4-0

Match Report:  Whilst sitting down with the John inverarity of the hockey club Thursday night I had a feeling it was going to be a tough game.

With our goalkeeper choosing to put on his flat cap,lemon shirt,plus fours and high socks with diamond patterns it was going to be an interesting team that we would take to werribee.

Whilst driving down the princess highway thinking of our set up I was passed by a red falcon that hadn’t be washed for many years.

I thought no hurry champ but on further inspection of the back of the drivers head it was one of our own players with his curly black hair jutting out from the head rest crusty the clown style.

I pulled into the car park the red falcon pulled in the door opened energy drink cans spilled out,bad music was playing and I knew Myles was in for a good game.

We played 11 field players Byron was ready to go but then realized he needed a stick Travis bought his skort to be sure that he had a back up plan,Jerry was looking fit,machine and toma focused,glen,Dave raring to go.

Hoppo was looking like Tom cruise before Scientology with his ray bans on risky business style and we were quite glad there were no white y fronts to be seen.

We moved the ball around very well having the werribee team arguing amongst themselves who were picking up the loose players but they hadn’t worked out that with 11 field players there was always one loose player.

Never pass at half time was filling out the depol form for a name change to always pass due to the amount of passing.

Travis had a spring in his step due to being an uncle and pondering when will it happen to me in which hoppo replied when you get a girlfriend.

Our back line and half line had a great game and Byron and Myles did well when they were not kicking the ball.

Great effort all round and I found out why Myles run more in this game than any other and it was due to giving up the darts and only having 5 beers the night before.

This may be introduced as we proceed to the finals.

We welcome our first non playing member Hannah Michael to the group congrats to luke and his wife and she has already taken a dislike to the color red.

Stay true stay blue

Paul Russ