State League 1 (0) v Waverley (0)

Next game: v Altona 2pm Saturday 28 July at Footscray

Pennant B (1) def by Mentone (2)

We came up against the team placed 3rd who sat 2 points ahead of us. We came out well and had them under sustained pressure. They managed one breakaway and scored, which unsettled us a bit. We got an equaliser through brilliant passing and continued to dominate possession, creating many strong chances on goals but couldn’t get it over the line again. Mentone maintained their composure throughout and stole the game in the last 5 minutes. Well done pennant b, we ran really hard but lost to a team that was stronger on the ball and maintained their structure no matter what we threw at them.

Next game: v Essendon 12.30pm Saturday 28 July at Footscray

Pennant C (2) def Kew (1)

PC played Kew for third spot on the ladder on Saturday. It was a very tough encounter played at a frenetic pace.  Early in the game Kew had control of the ball but moving Emily in to the mid field gave us back control. We eventually came away with a 2-1 win.  The team played very well, linking up through the middle of the field to score both goals and many more opportunities.  Now we have two wins over our likely opponents in the finals.  Best players on the day were Emily, Gabby, Fil and Moo. It’s good to see that our hard work at training is paying off.

Next game: v TEM 5pm Saturday 28 July at H-2

Pennant D (2) def Greensborough (0)

The girls were again missing their coach (as he was busy scoring goals elsewhere, go Ben!), but Ryan stepped into the void to help guide the team to another win.

It was clear that the defence was going to need to work hard with the opposition proving to have some skilled attackers. But with defence holding strong, the team came together beautifully to put constant pressure on the opposition. Persistence paid off with the team winning, 2-0.

Ryan’s players of the day were (in no particular order): Mandi, Nicole, Chloe and Giulia.

Next game: v Mornington 5pm Saturday 28 July at Frankston

Metro 2 South (0) v Swinburne (0)

Next game: v Hawthorn 2pm on Sunday 29 July at Footscray

Metro 2 North (7) def PEGS (0)

Next game: v Powerhouse 2pm Sunday 29 July at Footscray

Metro 3 North () v Brunswick ()

Outstanding match for all the girls. Kaila Ducret scored the winning goal, while Brunswick failed to score. Fantastic game to watch and to be apart of.

Next game: v Werribee 3.30pm Sunday 29 July at Footscray

Metro 3 South (5) def Sandringham Women (0)  

Next game: v Mornington 12.30pm Sunday 29 July at PHC

Metro 4 North (1) def by Essendon (4)

M4NW lost this week to Ess 4-1. Our goal was scored by Ash Hurrell in the 2nd half. The first half for Footscray was scratchy and a bit disorganized, however the 2nd half was completely different, with our players combining much more to work the ball down to the attacking end. Essendon’s goals all came in the 1st half and they had a lot more scoring opportunities in the 1st than the 2nd. The game opened up in the 2nd with more of the field being used.

Next game: v Melton 3.30pm Sunday 29 July at Footscray