State League One

Opposition:  Waverley

Result:  2-5


Pennant B

Opposition: Doncaster

Result: 3-1


Pennant E

Opposition: Dandenong

Result: 0-0


Metro 1

Opposition: Yarra Valley

Result: 7-4


Metro 2 North

Opposition:  Yarra Valley

Result: 8-1


Metro 2 West

Opposition: RMIT

Result: 4-1


Metro 4 Red

Opposition: Greensborough (1)

Result: 7-2


Metro 4 White

Opposition:  St Bernards

Result:  2-3


Metro 4 Blue

Opposition: Greensborough (2)

Result: 7-1

Match Report:  Driving to the game I pondered what is going to happen today.

Once at the ground I knew we were in for a funny day.

The first two team mates I seen were Hoppo and Volta in the canteen looking dazed and confused due to inhaling the fumes from the dim sim and hot dog steamers.

Slowly but surely we all started arriving Jerry was down from the bush, Robbo with a dart in hand was a picture of fitness, the hand of god strode in like he was meaning business after missing last week due to a dress up party.

Toma and machine chatting casually with Glen looking like he had to have a harness on to be restrained such was his readiness.

Then there was Myles, when quizzed why he was wearing red socks he gave me a response which I have never heard in my life.

“I was heating up Hannah’s dinner with a hairdryer as my microwave was broken and realised my socks were not dry so I was  trying to dry them with the hairdryer  also and I melted them”

The game started and we needed to get on the scoreboard early but some poor shots on goals and their goalie having a great game made it difficult.

We went to half time 2-0 up.

After a rev up at half time we started playing the hockey that we know and from there we put 5 in the back of the net.

A great result 7-1

We look forward to next week to find out more the up coming reality TV show “Life with Myles” 

Also Hoppo bringing Subway for his team mates next week.

Stay True Stay Blue 
Paul Russ