To all the members who have shown support on my appointment to Chairman of the Club I thank you and hope that I can do you proud.  Like the start of any season it has been a whirlwind of activity by all concerned and progress is being made as we near the season opening.  The junior section is hosting the “Come n Try” sessions on Wednesday nights with over 100 kids joining in the fun and hopefully many will choose to stay and play hockey as their chosen sport. Our junior U8’s and U10’s program kicks off after the Come n Try Wednesday 26th March. David Braiden is looking for more junior coaches to support the programs. David can be contacted on


On March 4th we had our first Board meeting for the year and I stressed to our Board that I wished to create a sense of fairness and transparency around the Club so I would like your feedback on how that progresses and develops over the next 12 months.  Speaking of feedback I have compiled a very short survey to find out what you might like to see done around the Club – please click on the link and type away with your ideas.


I am pleased to announce that Cindy Poole will be assuming the position of Club Finance Director for 2014 and we will be providing assistance as she settles into that role.  Megan McCullagh will also be assisting Cindy in development of policies and procedures for the Club.  A big thank you to Cindy & Megan for stepping up for the Club.  All we need now is a Social director and we will have a full deck in the Board room, please contact me if you are interested.


I hope that everyone is registering online ( and getting their fees paid and is raring to go for Round 1 on April 26th (Premier League and Reserves start April 5th / 6th and Masters 7th & 9th April).  It is exciting to think we are so close to the start of another winter season, with our junior teams having grading tournaments to play as well as this weekend’s Pre-season Tournament for women’s PL.  All the very best to all players and umpires as they work into key form.  David Braiden is still sorting out Coaches for under age teams and if you can help please talk to him (0418 561 745


Work is commencing on the grounds and rooms with a Working Bee SUNDAY 13th April from 12.30pm to 3.30pm – please contact Mark White (0416 095 761 Email: to let him know you will be here to help, or just show up and do a few hours helping to create a better environment for all. We ask that all working bee volunteers bring a bucket and a cloth please.


The Police & Emergency Services Games will be our second event of the season and it starts on Easter Sunday and runs for 5 days.  Mark White is seeking a dedicated team to help run the second kitchen produce some good wholesome meals for players and spectators.  Please contact Mark White (0416 095 761 Email: or  Marj Aked (0411 460 465 if you can help either in that kitchen or in the Canteen over the period of that event.  Helpers will also be required during those days to empty inside bins and generally keep the place tidy too.


As announced at the AGM the board is reviewing the General Secretary position over the next 12 months and recommendation most likely at the next AGM split this role into a separate board position. For 2014 we are looking for an assistant General Secretary who can begin to learn the ropes under current General Secretary with the view of nominating for the position in 2015. Any director’s position is a big job to undertake at the club so someone who is keen to dedicate their time to see all the duties fulfilled is welcomed. The person who undertakes this role – 90% of the work is on computer – computer skills in areas such as e-mailing, facebook, word, excel, publisher, PDF and word press for webpage (easy to pick up) and be able to check and respond to e-mails on a daily basis. Please contact Nicole Virtuoso if you are interested in this role 0424132715


Ground Lighting is currently being addressed and you should see upgrades occurring prior to Round 1 as well as a scheduled clean of the grounds before the season kicks off.  Colin Braithwaite(Grounds Director) is working hard to make sure the facilities are top quality for all the players and spectators to enjoy the experience.  Colin and his behind the scenes cleaning team (led by Darlene Sargent) do a great job and need your help to do the “one-percenters” like putting your rubbish in the bins provided inside, or picking up stones and other debris on the grounds and removing them to preserve the grounds condition, and placing empty drink bottles in bins after your games / training rather than leaving them in the gutters.  Lots of “one-percenters” really add up, and improve our environment !

So, please give me your feedback in the survey, help out where you have time for our key tournaments, pay your fees early (by R1) and get set for a great year of hockey.  Support and respect our teams and players as well as opponents who also love their hockey too.

Rodney Johnstone
President & Sponsorship Director
0417 350 890