Welcome to 2014 and the Masters Competition – a place where old dogs can and do learn new tricks! There’s been growing interest in the Masters Competitions and Hockey Victoria is recognising that there is a great need to cater for men and women who want enjoy hockey beyond weekend competition.  

I‘d like to extend a warm welcome to all new Masters players who will put on the red, white and blue for the first time – welcome!

The Men Masters have teams entered in 035 A Grade and B Grade, 045 B Grade, O50A Grade and 050 B Grade and the Women Masters have teams in 035 A Grade and 035 B Grade. The pre-season training sessions have just started on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you are now of Masters age (35 and above) then please consider playing on a Monday or Wednesday night. We are looking particularly for men and women to join the over 50s A and B Grade sides.

Lastly, nominations will open in March for both men and women for Victorian Representative Masters sides which is earlier than usual. See the Hockey Victoria website for details and to register for the selection trials. In 2014, the Women’s Masters National Championship will be held from July 10 –19 in Darwin. HV will be sending six teams with our Over 35 – Over 60 teams. The Men’s National Championship will be held from September 27 – October 11 in Perth and HV will again send a contingent of Over 35 – Over 70 teams to compete in the Championships.

Expressions of Interest are also now open for Officials to be a part of these teams. Again, check out the HV website for details.

Damien Toussaint
Master’s Director
0408 325 618