Members, we are nearing the serious end of the season with finals fast approaching for seniors, so all the very best to all those involved in finals campaigns. For those who have missed, make the last few games memorable, and then come out to support your Club mates in finals. In terrific news we have had several players make Australian Senior ladies team (Lily); Australian u/23 squads (Olivia and Carly) and Australian U/16s (Josh) which is absolutely fantastic and a credit to their talent and efforts over the years. Our first Australian representative Ben Acton has recently turned 91 and lives up north in sunny QLD.

We have also had players selected in the AHL for 2018 and that will give us someone to cheer on if you have taken up the opportunity to buy the Hockey FANs package for $95 per person sitting in a FHC zone in the Zoo side grand stand. This is a terrific opportunity to see first class hockey at the national and international level with AHL games in 2018 and 2019 included as well as the international Pro League kicking off in Melbourne in February 2019. Brilliant value and tickets will sell fast so get in early to secure your seat with your mates in the FHC zone. Check the FHC web site for details.

A reminder to all members who have outstanding fees, please pay these asap so the club can get their books in order. You will have been sent an invoice from our treasurer, please contact Cindy should you have any queries.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Presentation nights for both Juniors (at the Club) and Seniors on October 20th at a new venue and also great value at $60 per ticket (we have been listening !!).

The pavilion renewal ‘detailed design’ has been signed off by FHC and Council are going out to tender, so the project is on track for commencement in November. Now almost 25 years old, our home has been in need of a major overhaul for some time, and it’s on its way! The $1.51 million project will kick off pre-Christmas, and will involve the demolition of everything in between the roof and floor, all of it to be replaced with a magnificent new two-storey club-house. The duplication of spaces previously provided for ourselves and our then soccer club neighbor will be replaced with a functional new design, one that will help FHC achieve its goals and ambitions. The building period is expected to take up to 10 months, so there may well be some disruption to our operations through the 2019 season (think portable amenities / canteen / etc), but all will be worth it when the ribbon is cut to unveil Melbourne’s best hockey home. We will be ensuring that we can provide standards that we know our members would expect during construction phase. You may be tapped on the shoulder to lend a hand in preparation for the works so please help out if you can.

Please support our next few fundraising efforts so we can add more into the renewal than is standard issue from Council – including CCTV. So, buy some Tupperware and come to the finals fuctions and Presentation nights, and keep an ear out for other planned activities over the next few months.

Feedback is always valued so if you have a suggestion or comment please let me or any of our Board members know what your idea is and how it will benefit FHC members.

Cheers, RJ.