Four Junior Presentation Nights were held during August & September!
All Events were well attended & it was great to see & hear the enthusiasm & positivity that our Junior hockey program has generated for a huge group of talented children & teenagers.
Many speakers reflected on a very good season & the wonderful group of coaches, team managers & other volunteers who made the season such a good one on & off the pitch.
Here is a list of the Award winners from Winter 2018 season;
Club Junior Male Club Champion Lachlan D’Arcy
Junior Female Club Champion Alannah Hibbard
Junior Boy Clubperson Henri de la Mere
Junior Girl Clubperson Lily Nicholson and Ella Nicholson
Most Promising Umpire Adrian McAlinden
Senior contributer to junior section Phil McAlinden
Under 18 B&F Sam Grimes
Runner up Tate Brazil
Coach Josh Bradfield
Under 16 mixed shield B&F Lachlan D’Arcy
Runner up Josh D’Arcy
Coach Lando Brownstein
Under 16 girls shield B&F Alannah Hibbard
Runner up Josie Erbsland
Coach Olivia Marshall
Under 16 mixed district B&F Henri de la Mere
Runner up Jakob Winter
Coach Madeleine Whiteside
Under 14 mixed shield B&F Daniel Lienert
Runner up Cooper Hillyer
Coach Alfie Band
Under 14 girls shield B&F Bridgette de la Mere
Runner up Ashleigh Winter
Coach Alexandria  Mozjerin
Under 14 mixed district B&F Saul Austin
Runner up Owen McHugh
Coach Hugh Balmain
Under 14 girls pennant B&F Maggie Le
Runner up Maddison Price
Coach Sara El-Khodr
Under 12 boys shield B&F David Lienert
Runner up Oskar Hayes
Coach Lucas Kohut
Under 12 girls shield B&F Isabelle Butler
Runner up Indi Kosowski
Coach Eden Passmore
Under 12 boys pennant B&F Vincent Hadrell
Runner up Kei Weldhagen
Runner up Shinji Sugimoto
Coach Ned Graham
Under 12 girls district B&F Zoe Taylor
Runner up Milly Holding
Coach Charlotte James