The Men’s Section of the Footscray Hockey Club has been on a steady climb up through the ranks of Melbourne’s leading men’s hockey sections for quite a few years now. This has so far been achieved through a great combination of committed and hard-working players, and committed and hard-working administrators.

But the growth of the Men’s Section has necessitated a review of the workload of the Men’s Section Secretary, and in response we are dividing the workload into two separate jobs:

  1. Elite Team’s Administrator
  • principally involved with our Premier League, Premier League Reserves, Pennant A and Pennant C teams, and the
  1. Recreational Team’s Administrator
  • principally involved with our Pennant D, Pennant G and Metro teams.

The Elite Teams Administrator will co-ordinate the Men’s Section, supporting the work of the Recreational Teams Administrator, Selectors, Umpiring Co-ordinator, Team Managers, etc. The Elite Teams Administrator will also represent the Men’s Section at FHC Board meetings, and be our liaison with Hockey Victoria. The Recreational Teams Administrator will principally be involved in strong liaison with the Selectors, Ump Co-ord, Team Managers and Team Captains.

Be you a senior player, Master’s player, or an interested parent of an FHC junior, if you have any interest in helping us  drive the Men’s Section forward towards its ambitious  goals, then please contact either Barry Allan (0419547415) or Brendan Sheehan (0405061536) to discuss the opportunities at hand. That applies also to any of the jobs planned to make up the Mens Section Committee in 2019:

  • Elite Teams Administrator
  • Recreational Teams Administrator
  • Chairman of Selectors (Elite Teams)
  • Chairman of Selectors (Recreational Teams)
  • Mens Section Registrar
  • Mens Section Umpiring Coordinator
  • Mens Section Social Activities Promoter
  • Mens Section Property Steward, and the
  • Mens Section Team Managers