A big FHC contingent travelled to Perth for the Australian Men’s Masters and were represented in many of the age groups. Well done to all our Vic reps.

40s Div 1 Alex Grosz, Team Manager John Traill
45s Div 1 Nigel Toussaint, Team Manager Heather Shaw (GOLD)
50’s Div 2 Geoff Peacock
60s Div 1 Phil Frost (SILVER)
60s Div 2 Marty Babb (BRONZE)
65s Div 1 Geoff Pilley
65s Div 2 Norm Hibberd, Ron Shadbolt
70s Geoff Lewis, Neil Coster, Neville Hopkins Mike Rothwell (BRONZE)
75s David Sonenberg, David Sinclair (BRONZE)
80s Henry Barrie (GOLD)

Umpires: Sam Cutrale, Graeme Veitch

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