Senior Presentation Night was a blast, held at the Yarraville Club over 180 guests enjoyed the food, drinks, presentations, socialising, awards and dancing. What a night to highlight and celebrate the 2023 season dressed in our best.

Congratulations to our club champions Gen Hussell and Luke Noblett who took out the Best and Fairest for our Women’s & Men’s Premier League. The Runners Up awards went to Megan Alakus and Liam Braithwaite. Pictured Luke and Liam, Luke we wish you a speedy recovery from a broken foot.

Thank you to all our members, coaches, team managers, sponsors, umpires, volunteers and supporters for your contributions to the year. Huge thank you to Giulia Wiseman for organising the evening, to our MC’s Colin Keating and Nicole Virtuoso and special guest speakers.

Full list of award recipients below!


100 Club Games Medallion: Saul Austin, Isabel Butler, Craig West, Karen Bergin, Jason Healey, Owen McHugh, Steven Tonkin, Tahlya Sleep, Aisling Grey

200 Club Games Medallion: Chloe Ong, Jaimee Colwell, Melissa Morton, Rohan Power, Ben Cowcher, Jasper McMahon, Jemma Caon

300 Club Games Medallion: Caitlin Duggan, Andrew Wiseman, Georgia Nelson, Joshua Walsh, Nick Gill, Ruth Torr, Geri Karla, Ishaan Bose Casson, Tania Bezzobs

200 Club Games Medallion: Monica Singh, Emma Robinson

500 Club Games Medallion: Giulia Wiseman, Haydn Shaw

600 Club Games Medallion: Heather Shaw

900 Games: Greg Hopkins

1100 Games: Neil Coster


Premier League 
Best and Fairest: Luke Noblett
Runners Up B & F: Liam Braithwaite

Premier League Reserves
Best and Fairest: Baden Jones
Runners Up B & F: Nigel Toussaint

Pennant A
Best and Fairest: Jye Walters
Runners Up B & F: Tom Merry

Pennant B
Best and Fairest: Haydn Shaw
Runners Up B & F: Fred Johnston

Pennant D
Best and Fairest: Hunter McNamara
Runners Up B & F: Arslan Sarwar

Metro 1
Best and Fairest: Craig West
Runners Up B & F: Jack Williams

Metro 2
Best and Fairest: Saul Austin
Runners Up B & F: Zach Caldwell


Premier League
Best and Fairest: Gen Hussell
Runners Up B & F: Megan Alakus

Premier League Reserves
Best and Fairest: Caitlin Duggan
Runners Up B & F: Ellen Druce

Pennant A
Best and FairesT: Erika Digney
Runners Up B & F: Hayley McAlinden

Pennant B
Best and Fairest: Elliott Thomson
Runners Up B & F: Jaimee Colwell

Pennant C
Best and Fairest: Bronwyn Darragh
Runners Up B & F: Giulia Wiseman

Pennant D
Best and Fairest: Lola Probert
Runners Up B & F: Lily Randall

Pennant E
Best and Fairest: Ruth Torr
Runners Up B & F: Jo Torr

Metro 1
Best and Fairest: Megan Lewis
Runners Up B & F: Catherine Ransom


Men’s Masters 50’s A
Best & Fairest: Damien Toussaint

Women’s Masters 35’s A   
Best & Fairest: Phylicia Taylor

Women’s Masters 35’s B     
Best & Fairest: Erica De La Harpe
Best & Fairest: Nicole Gunn