There are many different ways in which the standing of particular clubs can be measured, one of those being the new(ish) League Entry Criteria (LEC) scoring system.

The way that Hockey Victoria now checks to see who has got / not gotten enough points to qualify for the following year’s Premier League involvement, is an interesting system. In brief, the scoreboard for each club adds together the points accumulated by that Club’s respective mens and womens first eleven, combined with the ‘governance’ score for that club – that is the score that the club gets for a wide range of important ‘off-field’ matters – i.e. your forward planning, your financial health, your training / development programs (new umpires / coaches / etc). When looked at a week ago (early August), the standings were:

  1. Southern United 125 pts
  2. Doncaster 122 pts
  3. FOOTSCRAY 120 pts
  4. Camberwell 107 pts
  5. Hawthorn 106 pts

Essendon, Greensborough, Waverley, Altona & Mentone fill the top 10 list.

Most of the clubs named either side of FHC have long histories of both being well run, and also being successful on the playing-field as well. The challenge is there for FHC to develop policies / programs and practices that will help ensure long-term strength for our club. Are you helping our great club achieve some long-term status through it’s on and off-field activities?